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The Bank
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The Bank

The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece, with a strong presence in the Greek and international banking market. The Group offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services, including retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, the distribution of insurance products, investment banking, brokerage and real estate management.

The Parent Company and main Bank of the Group is Alpha Bank, which was founded in 1879 by John F. Costopoulos. Alpha Bank, the Bank that inspires confidence and constitutes a consistent point of reference in the Greek banking system, is one of the largest banks of the private sector, with a wide Network of over 1,000 service points in Greece and one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe.

Significant recent milestones in the long and successful course of the Group are:

The completion of Citibank’s Greek Retail Banking Operations Acquisition, on 30.9.2014.
The redemption of the total amount of the Hellenic Republic's Preference Shares by the Bank, on 17.4.2014.
The successful completion of Euro 1.2 Billion Capital Increase of the Bank, on 31.3.2014.
The completion of the legal merger by absorption of Emporiki Bank, on 28.6.2013.
The successful recapitalisation of the Bank, on 31.5.2013, with oversubscription of the required private-sector participation in the Rights Issue, which resulted in the preservation of Alpha Bank's private character. 

The acquisition of the entire share capital of Emporiki Bank, on 1.2.2013.

With consistency and credibility, the Alpha Bank Group supports individual and business Clients, contributing to the country's economic recovery.

Alpha Bank A.E.
40 Stadiou Street, GR-102 52 ATHENS
Tel.: +30 210 326 0000
Web site: http://www.alpha.gr