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The reliability of Alpha Bank in your international banking transactions

For those of you who wish to keep investments abroad, we provide you with a wide range of comprehensive services and modern products and we can propose tailor-made solutions to satisfy your investment needs through the London-based Alpha Bank office.

Select from among a full range of investment products the one that is best suited to your investment profile:

Investment Products

We provide the following products on an Execution-Only basis

  • Liquidity: term deposits, money market funds
  • Bonds: government bonds by foreign issuers, corporate bonds, bond mutual funds
  • Equities: international and Greek equities, equity mutual funds
  • Alternative investments: other categories of mutual funds (e.g. Commodity)

Investment Services

  • Transactions in Equities and Bonds: execution only service for transactions in equities and bonds on the largest markets
  • Transactions in foreign exchange:
    • certain spot or forward foreign exchange transactions for up to 6 months
    • in all main currencies
    • minimum option of GBP 500,000 or the equivalent in another currency
    • on an execution only basis
    • all transactions are part of the Bank's commercial papers together with the guarantee deposit amounting to 10% of the investment
    • support through the adequate overdraft option
  • Nominee Services
  • Collateral facilities against investment portfolios: we offer loans against Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Equities or Funds held as security within the Alpha Bank Group.

The products listed on the page above are not suitable for everyone. Any investor who purchases or sells these products is deemed to have understood and assessed the terms and conditions governing them. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the aforementioned products, please contact any of our Private Bankers for clarifications. If you do not contact us, this will imply that you have fully understood the products and the respective terms and conditions.

Real Estate Financing

For those of you who wish to invest in the real estate market of Great Britain, whether you are an individual investor or have set up your own business, we have a flexible and tailor-made financing framework that can help you acquire or refinance commercial and housing investment, development or construction projects.

Build on the knowledge, experience and insightfulness of our expert team in the real estate market of Great Britain, so that you can choose the option that is best suited to your requirements.

Working in partnership with our trusted network of surveyors, solicitors and other professional advisors, we will systematically and effectively guide you through every stage of a deal, from the initial negotiations to closing the deal.


  • Senior Debt and Bridging Facilities
  • Flexible repayment programmes
  • Interest only facilities
  • Multi-currency facilities
  • Selection of competitive tariffs and commissions per risk category.

Some loans may be restricted to businesses