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Enter Bonus Business American Express
Alpha Bank Enter Visa Business
Alpha Bank Visa Business Gold and Silver
American Express Corporate Card® (Gold and Green)
Alpha Bank Enter Visa Business

The convenient card for your business transactions!

ALPHA Bank Enter Visa Business provides Professionals with many advantages:

Purchases in millions of merchants in Greece and abroad for the needs of your company, with direct charge to your company’s bank account. 
Access to your company’s overdraft facility in order to cover your companys liquidity needs through cash withdrawals and purchases. 
Link to Alpha Bank business - Deposit accounts (up to five) for ATM transactions at Alphanet.
Issuance of up to four add-on cards having flexibility of individual limit per cardholder. 
Cardholder name and company name embossed on the card.
Cash withdrawals at Alphanet and Diasnet ATMs in Greece  or Visa International ATMs worldwide, according to your individual limit . 

The flexible “business” card

Detailed monthly account statement with all charge transactions made by each cardholder. 
Unlimited business transactions,  according to your business account balance. 
Personal Identification Number (PIN) change option at Alpha Bank s. 
Telephone customer support. 

Secure business transactions

Choice of 24hour cash withdrawal and spending limit. 
24 hour card loss center.
Secure electronic transaction environment via Verified by Visa service. 


Customer Service
tel.: 801 11 326 0000 or
       210 326 0000
       (via mobile phone)
fax: 210 326 3401
Card Loss Centre
tel.: 210 326 0000
      (24 hours a day)