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Alpha Bank, always a pioneer in the field of electronic banking services, offers banking transactions via the Internet.

Obtain information about anything concerning this service :

Provided services : Be informed about the available transactions via Alpha Web Banking.
Signing up : Find out the necessary steps to become a subscriber of the service.
Technical specifications : Obtain information about the system requirements and the necessary settings of your browser’s options.
Security : Alpha Bank offers you this service, with the maximum possible security currently available on the Internet. Obtain further information.
Manual : See this section in order to become familiarized with the usage and functionality of the offered transactions/services.

As an Alpha Web Banking subscriber, you can also carry out your banking transactions via our Alphaphone Banking (banking transactions over the telephone, fixed or mobile) or Alpha Mobile Banking (banking transactions via mobile phones that support WAP).

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 801 11 326 0000 or 210 326 0000
(everyday,  8:00 a.m. -10:30 p.m.) 
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