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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of the governance and corporate culture developed through a system of values, targets and activities.

Each individual and the respect of human values are the priority for Alpha Bank.
Together with the efficient management of the financial resources and the modernisation of technology, they constitute the guide for every transaction or communication with staff, customers and shareholders.

Alpha Bank, within this context of contributing rewards social well being, takes measures in favour of human resources and the working environment, the preservation of nature, the social and cultural life.

In this part of our website you will obtain information on how Alpha Bank activates aiming at building a better community.

The Bank examines sponsorships requests that belong to the following categories, taking into account its policy and objectives and as part of the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility policy: 
Culture, Society, Sports, Environment, Education.

For the selection, evaluation and approval of a sponsorship, the applicant should be a Legal Person of Private or Public Law. In the application, the following details should be mentioned: 

• Applicant's details (Name - VAT - Members of the Board of Directors) 
• Description of the project for which financial assistance is requested
• Budget  
• Sponsorship benefits.

Any enquiries can be send:

• Via email to csr@alpha.gr, csr1@alpha.gr, sylvia.kourkouli@alpha.gr and christina.zacharopoulou@alpha.gr 
• Via mail addressed to: Stadiou 40, 102 52 ATHENS, Marketing and Public Relations - Corporate Social Responsibility.
• For more information you may call: 210 326 2431, 210 326 2437, 210 326 2438 and 210 326 2471

The sponsorship requests that are adressed to the Bank and are about activities, programmes and events of the current year, are being evaluated all year through and are replied in writing.