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Alpha Green Solutions- Energy Saving Home

Do you wish to save money and energy? Are you environmentally conscious and worried about the effective energy management of your home?
The new  ''Energy Saving Home''  housing loan from Alpha Green Solutions was created for those who wish to improve the energy consumption of their residence, while enjoying preferential granting terms. 

What expenses can be funded through the Energy Saving Home loan?
The  ''Energy Saving Home'' loan is a domestic energy improvements loan designed to finance residence repairs or renovation costs in order to upgrade the building’s energy performance, such as:

╔nstallation of thermal insulating frames/glass panels
Đeplacement of old burner/boiler system
╔nstallation of solar heating system
Other thermal insulation applications
Installation of photovoltaic systems

 ''Energy Saving Home''  loan interest rates
The  ''Energy Saving Home''  loan enables you to choose between fixed rates for 3, 5, 10 or 15 years or variable interest rate linked to the 3-month Euribor plus a margin of 3.70% (*).
(*) plus contribution of Law 128/75

Amount and Term of the Loan
The  ''Energy Saving Home''  loan finances up to 100% of the cost of improvement works and up to 75% of the value of your property. A minimum of Euro 10.000 to a maximum of Euro 100.000 can be approved for a term varying from 5 to 20 years.

Green Flexibility!
The  ''Energy Saving Home'' Loan not only helps you protect the environment, but also gives you control of your monthly budget by offering:

Preferential pricing in loan expenses.
All the competitive payment options offered by the "Payment Adjustment Plan Program".
A grace period of up to one year, during which you can pay only the interest of your loan every 3 months.
The option of changing the rate type or term of your loan.

Every new housing loan earns up to 100,000 points on your Bonus card!


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