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Payment Adjustment Plan

…continuously by your side…

The Payment Adjustment Plan has been created to help you manage temporary changes in your income and allows you to adjust your monthly instalment amount according to your current needs.
It offers a variety of payment options for your housing loan so that you can adapt your monthly budget to your financial situation. In this way you will be stress-free and at the same time you will keep up with your repayments.

Choose the option that suits you best!

Do you require adjustment to your installment?

You can request either
- the reduction of your monthly repayment by up to 70%, or
- choose to pay only the interest of your loan
Extra expenses during a certain month?
You can defer payment of that month’s installment and incorporate it in the remaining payments.

The “Payment Adjustment Plan” is available for loans with no arrears, and for a limited period during your loan.
If you wish to change the amount of your instalment on a permanent basis, you may alternatively apply for an extension of the remaining term of your loan so as to bring the amount of your instalment to a level which will suit you.

Moreover, you can combine the Payment Adjustment Plan with the Change of the duration of your loan, so as to not only benefit immediately, but also ensure a lower monthly instalment for the future.

For more information, please visit your nearest Alpha Bank Branch, where you can discuss the solution which matches your needs best.



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