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US Medium Term Note Programme

Alpha Bank concluded the establishment of a US MTN Programme ("US Medium Term Note Programme (Rule 144A)") having Alpha Group Jersey Ltd, a Subsidiary Company of Alpha Bank ┴.┼. based in Jersey, as Issuer fully guaranteed by the Bank. The Programme offers the possibility to issue notes primarily addressed to institutional investors in the US and it is governed by the specific clauses of Rule 144┴ of the US Law in respect of the issuance of notes from non domestic issuing entities to qualified accounts/investors in the US.

The notes are issued under the framework of the Base Prospectus, which has been approved by the relevant supervising body of Luxembourg (“Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier”). The detailed terms and conditions of each note are outlined in the Final Terms, which are listed and admitted for trading in the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The notes can be issued in various maturities and currencies with fixed, floating or variable interest rate and can be structured too. Structured notes usually have a variable interest rate, whereby either the coupon rate or the redemption price is directly or indirectly linked to an index or an economic indicator (i.e. Euribor 6 months, or Equity Index, or Exchange Rate, or Commodity Price). The issuance of subordinated debt notes is also available under this Programme. The maximum nominal size of outstanding notes under the Programme is set at US Dollars 7.5 billion.

Last Modification Date

Programme Notional Amount

Base Prospectus

7 May 2008 

US Dollars 7.5 billion