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┴lpha Bank Loans for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Medium Capitalization Enterprises

Bolstering the development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Medium Capitalization Enterprises in collaboration with the European Investment Bank

Alpha Bank Loans for S.M.Es and Mid Caps

The European Investment Bank (E.I.B.) and Alpha Bank join forces for the financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (S.M.Es) and Mid Caps and enable you to fulfill your business plans for the future.

Be informed on how you can benefit from the new European financing measures for enterprises, as adopted on February 2, 2010, by the E.I.B.’s Board of Directors. Start planning the future of your business with confidence right away, and set your course with the support provided by a strong European cooperation.

Strong support from a European force

The E.I.B. is the bank of the European Union. Thanks to its Statute and shareholders, the 27 Member States, the E.I.B. has the best possible rating on capital markets (AAA). This contributes significant benefits to your company:

Strengthening of the investment activity under adverse financial conditions
Obtaining financing for the viability, development and implementation of your investment plans.
Favourable financing terms.
Exemption from the surcharge payable pursuant to Law 128/75

Eligibility for an Alpha Bank Loan for S.M.Es and Mid Caps

The Alpha Bank Loans for SMEs and Mid Caps open up new horizons for the future of your company. In particular, the aforementioned loans are offered to autonomous firms with fewer than 3000 employees with main focus on autonomous firms with fewer than 250 employees and firms with maximum annual turnover of Euro 50 million.

European guarantee for every business activity

The Alpha Bank Loans for S.M.Es and Mid Caps meet effectively the needs of your company, supporting you at every step, as they can be granted for the financing of any type of business venture or expenditure that is necessary for the growth of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise or a Medium Capitalization enterprise. Hence, the investment can be:

tangible, i.e. the purchase of plant or real estate. In principle, the purchase of land is ruled out unless it is vital for the investment while the purchase of agricultural land is totally excluded,
intangible, such as the financing of expenditure directly related to research and development, building up or taking over distribution networks, the filing or acquisition of patents or the costs incurred in the transfer of an enterprise enabling the continuation of economic activity (where the buyer and the enterprise up for sale are S.M.E or Mid Cap and the amount required to finance the transfer does not exceed Euro 1 million).
the permanent increase in working capital required to develop an expanding S.M.E. or Mid Cap.

Availability of finance in the most basic sectors of the economy

We encourage your corporate vision, regardless of the requirements. Alpha Bank Loans for S.M.Es or Mid Caps address investments in economic fields such as Industry, Services and Agriculture. On the other hand the defense, gambling, tobacco industries and pure property development are excluded from the programme. There is also an exception in activities whose environmental impact cannot be mostly mitigated or offset and sectors that are morally or ethically controversial. Also excluded are purely financial transactions (e.g. company takeovers) with the exception of transfers of businesses in the specific circumstances described above.

Support for small and larger investments

Because the cost of the investment should not restrain your business plans, Alpha Bank Loans for SMEs and Mid Caps can support investment for any amount ranging from very small projects to investments costing up to Euro 25 million. E.I.B. finance can be obtained for loans of generally between 2 and 12 years. The actual length of the loan will depend on the economic life of the project financed. The maximum amount provided by the E.I.B. may not exceed Euro 12.5 million per loan.

Development is our primary goal

In this challenging period, Alpha Bank in cooperation with the EIB Group is in a position to offer effective and flexible economic support. As an intermediary bank, Alpha Bank has the obligation to supervise the compliance of the various investments in accordance with European and Greek Law. At the same time Alpha Bank has to inform the final beneficiaries of the support that they are entitled to, from the EIB financial programme and the potential benefits that derive from it. By adopting this policy Alpha Bank not only supports you and your business but also promotes EIB’s efforts towards the development of the European economy, ensuring the smooth conduct and operation of the domestic financing activity.

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