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Alpha e-Banking for Companies

Alpha Bank offers an integrated and reliable set of solutions for the electronic servicing of banking transactions for corporate clients.

Using Alpha Bank’s Electronic Services, the daily financial management operations such as account information, payroll, collections, disbursements, imports and exports are effectively supported in an efficient and simple manner.

With Alpha Electronic Services, a corporate client significantly reduces:
the financial cost,
the operating cost and
the time needed for the execution of its banking transactions.
The basic set of Electronic Services consists of: 
Alpha Web Banking

Online internet banking for:
- online account and card statements,
- VAT, Social Security and other payments to the Public Sector,
- funds transfer to Alpha Bank accounts, to other Banks in Greece and within Eurozone,
- monitoring of cheques and investment portfolios valuation,
- payroll execution,
- bill payments etc.

Alpha Global Cash Management
Online cash management system for Groups of Companies, or Greek companies with international operations, or Organizations of the Public Sector, offering:

Information services for account balances and statements held with:
- Alpha Bank, 
- the Banks of the Alpha Bank Group,
- other Banks of the world,

- Liquidity management services,
- Advanced treasury tools

Alpha Mass Payments

Alpha Mass Payments is a state-of-the-art solution that enables companies to perform transactions online, such as:
- Payroll
- Suppliers’ payments
in an easy, secure and fast way
Alpha e-Commerce
Via the Alpha e-Commerce service, Alpha Bank enables e-shops to provide their Customers with a complete e-commerce solution
Alpha Web International Trade
- Electronic submission of application forms and necessary documents for for imports operations.
- Access to all settlement documents for archiving and printing.
- Monitoring of the exports operations.
Alpha International Trade
Alpha International Trade service provides the most reliable solutions for your import or export business needs affording access to distinguished international resources. Stay one step ahead and get the international perspective you need to develop your business.

Alpha Bank File Transfer

Secure exchange of files between Alpha Bank’s and corporate’s information systems for the following file types:
- account statements,
- payroll,
- direct debit of bank accounts,
- direct debit of cards,
- suppliers’ disbursements etc.
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