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We are taking care of your transactions security

At Alpha Bank we apply modern methods that safeguard your e-Banking transactions, protect your data and shield you from potential threats.

Controlled access

The Bank has in place specialized security systems to control and record all accesses and prevent  any unauthorized action in its systems.


Each transaction that is carried out, the data exchanged are gets encrypted using TLS encryption.

Personal security codes

We apply mandatory Password change every 3 or 6 months, automatic locking of your subscription in case of continuous incorrect login attempts to your e-Banking account as well as automatic logout from myAlpha Web and myAlpha Mobile after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Strong Customer Authentication

Alpha Bank has applied a series of alternative authentication methods for transactions that are carried out via e-Banking or e-Commerce, in line with the European Anti-Fraud Directive (PSD2/Strong Customer Authentication-SCA), to further enhance your safety.

Your identity is being verified by using 2 or more unique data, that only you remember or own, such as:

  • the 4-digit PIN you use to login to myAlpha Mobile App or the myAlpha Code code you receive via Viber/SMS
  • mobile phone
  • biometric identifiers, such as your fingerprint or your facial features

Learn more about Strong Customer Identification.

Controlled access (Firewall), Encryption, and data transfer privacy

We have specialized security systems to control and record all access and prevent any unauthorized activity in our systems, while each transaction is encrypted (TLS) of the data that are exchanged.

Automatic sign off

For security reasons, there is a limit for completing transactions ("Session Timeout"), after which the connection is automatically terminated by the system.  Similarly, if you have not carried out any transaction for a period 15 minutes, the system again disconnects you automatically. ("Idle Timeout").

Upper transfer limit

For the safety of your transactions, we have set a maximum daily transfer limit, which you can modify through your subscription.


Using the Alpha alerts notification service, you receive notifications at any time, by e-mail or SMS, of the transactions and other actions in your profile, which you carry out via the electronic services of Alpha Bank. Furthermore, you can be informed about your cards and accounts.

At the same time, by using the myAlpha Mobile app with the Push Notifications activate, you receive instant notifications (Informative Push Notifications) for changes you make to the Security Settings of your e-Banking subscription, such as changing your Username/Password, pairing a new device, etc. via the application.

Find the regarding the safety of your transactions in the FAQs section.

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