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Security and speed in your online payments

Use myAlpha Web to organise and settle all your obligations even easier and quicker.

What can I pay?

  • Amounts due on cards issued by Alpha Bank and other banks
  • Your Alpha Bank loan instalments
  • Debts to the Public sector (Taxes, Social security contributions), to Public utilities (Electricity bills, Water supply bills) and to other private sector companies (Telephony providers, Internet providers, Insurance and other companies)
  • Donations to a large number of organisations.

See the complete list of available payments.

How can I pay?

  • By using your Euro accounts in your profile 
  • By using the cards in your profile installments are offered on certain occasions.

When can I pay?

  • Immediately for certain payments
  • On a selected future date, for most of the available payments
  • In instalments, for a limited number of payments.


  • By accepting the Push Notification or scan the QR Code on the myAlpha Mobile application or by inserting the myAlpha Code that you will receive on your mobile phone number via Viber or SMS, for payments on third party Alpha Bank cards, payments on cards of other domestic banks, as well as for certain payments
  • By choosing whether you want to block the amount of the payment order in your account until the selected payment date, without any interest loss.

At what cost?

  • Free of charge, for payments on Alpha Bank products
  • At a small charge, depending on the particular type of payment to organisations and payments and at significant discounts compared to payments made at the Branch.

Check Alpha Bank's price list for the detailed payment charges per organisation and per channel.

Additional options:

  • Set standing orders for payments to organisations and companies
  • Set the upper limit for transactions (up to Euro €15,000 or the equivalent amount in foreign currency)
  • Monitor the status of each payment order and view the complete history of all payments (menu History > e-Banking Transactions)
  • Free of charge alert in case the transaction is unsuccessful by using the Alpha Alerts service
  • Cancel transfers not yet executed (menu History > e-Banking Transactions >Pending Payments)
  • Save your frequent payments for even faster execution
  • Print a copy of the transaction and save it to a pdf file.

For details on the payment options available by the electronic services of Alpha Bank, check here.

Payments through IRIS

Alpha Bank offers its clients the option to pay for their electronic purchases through IRIS Service.

IRIS Service is a solution for the payment of purchases through e-shops, by directly debiting your bank account through the secure environment of myAlpha Web.

Find out more about the payment process through IRIS.

Do you have more questions? Find the answer to your question in the FAQs section or browse the Service's interactive demo.

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