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What is IRIS service and how can I pay using it?

Alpha Bank offers its clients the option to pay for their electronic purchases using IRIS, an electronic service designed for online purchases. IRIS service is a solution for payments through e-shops, by directly debiting your bank account through the secure environment of myAlpha Web / myAlpha mobile.

Online purchases using IRIS service are:

  • Simple

    - No need for registration or new passwords

    - No need to use your credit cards

    - Access by using your e-banking credentials

    - Payment by debiting your bank account

  • Secure

    - Protection of your personal data

    - Payment through the secure environment of myAlpha Web / myAlpha mobile

  • Reliable

    - Direct debit to your bank account

    - Real time confirmation of payment from Alpha Bank

IRIS service became available by Greek banks in October 2019, with the support of Interbanking Systems S.A. (DIAS).

You can make an online payment using IRIS Service in just a few steps:

  1. At the time of payment to the e-shop, select IRIS as the payment method and then Alpha Bank from the list of available banks or scan the QR Code that is displayed on the merchant’s website.
  2. You will be automatically redirected to the secure environment of myAlpha Web / myAlpha mobile to log in with your credentials (Username & Paswwoed / Biometrics).
  3. Once the payment details of your purchase order are automatically displayed on screen, without the option to modify them, select the bank account that you wish to be debited for the purchase.
  4. When the message for the successful completion of the transaction appears on screen you can print your payment confirmation voucher.
  5. You will be automatically redirected to the e-shop’s web page

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