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What is the cost of transfers using the myAlpha e-Banking services?

Transfers within Alpha Bank

  • Transfers between Alpha Bank accounts are provided free of charge (regardless of the amount to be transferred) at myAlpha Web, myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Phone.

Transfers to other domestic banks

  • For transfers from an Alpha Bank account to accounts kept at other domestic banks, the following charges apply, depending on your choice of the party to be charged:
  • Shared charges (SHA)
    The sender pays Alpha Bank’s charges, according to the Bank's current price list, and the beneficiary pays the charges of the Bank where their account is kept, according to the current Price List of that bank.
  • Paid by the sender (ΟUR)
    The sender will be charged with all transfer expenses, which consist of:
  • Alpha Bank’s charges: according to the Bank’s current Price List
  •  Charges to cover the fees of the bank where the beneficiary's account is kept (OUR charge), on the basis of the corresponding bilateral agreement with the particular beneficiary bank.

    The above commissions are not refunded if the transfer order is rejected by the other bank for any reason, such as the case of no beneficiary name match. For immediate transfers to other domestic banks (available for transfers to banks participating in the IRIS Οnline Payments system for amounts up to Euro 12,500), the sender pays an additional charge, according to the Bank’s current price List.

Transfers to banks abroad

  • For transfers to banks abroad, the payment type for the charges is shared (SHA), i.e. the Bank’s charges are paid by the sender and the beneficiary bank’s charges are paid by the beneficiary. In cases where the beneficiary bank is located outside the EU or is located within the EU but the order amount is not in Euro, then the amount to be credited to the beneficiary’s account may be reduced by the amount corresponding to the charges of correspondent banks which may act as intermediaries to send the order amount to the beneficiary bank.
    See Alpha Bank’s Commissions and other charges for simple transfers to an account kept at another bank abroad.

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