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What types of documents can I submit online in order to complete my identification by the Bank or to update one or more of my personal details?

The table below lists the documents which you can use to certify your details in the Bank’s systems without visiting a Branch: 

Details to be updated and documents which certify them

Certification documents  VAT Registration Number  Income Profession  Home address
Work address  Phone number 
Tax Payment Note  YES  YES    YES    
Certification of VAT Registration  YES      YES    
Electricity / Water Supply Bill        YES    
Fixed Telephony Bill        YES    YES
Lease Contract in electronic format        YES    
Document issued by a Public Authority        YES    
Declaration of Change of Personal Details (TAXISNET)        YES    
Form E3    


Professional Identity Card      YES    YES  
Copy of Salary Statement      YES    YES  
Employer’s Certificate      YES    YES  YES
Mobile Telephony Bill      YES    YES  YES
Certificate issued by embassy/consulate (for residents abroad)      YES  YES  YES  YES
Letter/SWIFT Code of foreign bank (for residents abroad)      YES  YES  YES  YES

If a document that you have submitted can be used to certify more than one detail, the application allows you to update all relevant details. 

For example, if you wish to update your work address by submitting your Employer’s Certificate, then this document can also be used to update your Profession as well as your Work Phone Number. Similarly, by submitting the Tax Payment Note in order to complete the procedure for your identification, the information in the document is used to also update your VAT Registration Number, Income and Home Address.

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