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Why am I required to provide details to the Bank?

In line with the provisions of the applicable laws, a special regulatory framework has been established with the intention to:

  • ensure the integrity of the banking system, and 
  • protect the legal interests of all persons carrying out financial transactions and safeguard these transactions.

In line with the above regulatory framework, banks are required to refrain from executing a transaction unless that have confirmed and verified in advance the identity of the person involved in the transaction. They are also required to request from their Customers relevant documentation, such as legal establishment documents, customer identification documents, income tax payment note and/or tax return, transaction receipts etc., and to maintain such documentation in files. Therefore, when the Bank requests your details for a transaction or for the commencement or continuation of your banking relationship, you should know that it applies the requirements of the applicable laws, as it is obliged to do so. For details about the identification procedure, see the relevant informative leaflet.


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