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Activate Push Notifications to approve your transactions and simplify your daily routine!

Push Notifications are the new easy and fast way to approve your e-Banking and e-Commerce transactions

Why should I activate Push Notifications?

  • Convenience
    It is the most convenient way to confirm the transactions that require strong customer authentication. By activating Push Notifications via the myAlpha Mobile application, you will be able to carry out all your e-Banking transactions via myAlpha Web, by accepting the relevant Push Notification which you will receive on your mobile device via the myAlpha Mobile App, and approving it via your 4-digit PIN, Fingerprint or FaceID.
  • Speed
    While myAlpha Codes are sent via SMS to the mobile phone number that you have registered in your e-Banking subscription, the timely receipt of the Viber message also depends on the mobile telephony provider to which you belong, as well as on the coverage of the network it offers, Push Notifications are sent to your device via the myAlpha Mobile application, not to your phone number. They are sent immediately, without delays, as you use either the data on your device or the wifi to which you are connected.
  • Additional Security
    Push Notifications offer additional security to your transactions, as activating them requires you to pair all the devices to which Push Notifications will be sent, for you to approve your transactions. In fact, you can manage all your devices on which you have enabled Push Notifications, deactivate and reactivate them, via myAlpha Web and the Settings> Device Management menu.

See how you can activate Push Notifications to approve your transactions via myAlpha Mobile

That's it!

The simplest and fastest way to approve your transactions, with the security provided by Alpha Bank!

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