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Who is this for?

Alpha Bank's individual customers have now the ability to submit electronically the documents required for their certification in order to:

  • Complete their certification process from the Bank.
  • Update their contact details after a possible amendment without having to visit a Branch.

This ability concerns exclusively individual customers

Which steps are required?

It's a very simple procedure:

  1. Log-in to "Online documents update" through a secure log-in form, either using your Alpha Web codes (for subscribers) or through the myAlpha mobile application (for subscribers), or by using your Alpha Bank's card data (for non-subscribers).
  2. Select the personal details you wish to update and the type of document that will certify the update.
  3. Submit the document in electronic format.
  4. You will soon be notified by e-mail or SMS about the success (or failure) of the selected update.

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