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Improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money and energy, while at the same time you increase its market value, by using the "Exoikonomisi Kat' Oikon II" Programme.

The new co-financed programme of the Ministry of Environment and Energy was designed with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the residential sector and is addressed to property owners whose main residence is at a low energy class.

To those who will select it, the Programme provides motives to carry out significant interventions that improve the energy efficiency of their home, while at the same time it contributes to the achievement of the country's energy and environmental goals.

Eligible residences

Eligible residence for financing are a one-family house, a whole block of flats and an apartment that complies to the following criteria:

  • Is used as a main residence
  • Has a legitimate building permit
  • Is classified according to the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEP) in a class less than or equal to D.

Financed works

You may select among the following financed categories of worksfor the energy efficiency improvement of your home:

  • Replacement of window frames 
  • Installation of shading systems
  • Installation of thermal insulation at the building envelope (including the roof/and the pilotis space).
  • Heating/cooling and hot water system upgrade. 

Highest eligible budget 

The eligible budget of interventions per property may not exceed Euro 250  per m2 of main use as a residence, with a maximum total cost of Euro 25,000 including VAT.

Main steps  for participation in the Programme

  1. Electronic submission of application at – submission of financial data of the interested party and data of the property
  2. Data input A' E.E.C. (energy Efficiency Certificate), interventions, cost of interventions and energy target 
  3. Attachment on the application of all necessary documents 
  4. Application completeness check by the Information System 
  5. Final submission of the application by the interested party and receipt of a unique 6-digit number of record 
  6. Bank selection by the interested party and submission of application for loan acquisition, check of creditworthiness
  7. Evaluation of the application by the Bank and financial approval 
  8. Inclusion of the application to delegation, approval of delegation by the benefited party
  9. Sign of loan agreement at the Bank
  10. Completion of interventions
  11. Second Energy Inspection, issue of B' E.E.C.
  12. Submission of the declaration that confirms the completion on behalf of the benefited party, information regarding the final total eligible budget 
  13. Check of documents by ETEAN
  14. Disbursement of the loan and payment of the Programme's motives by the Bank. 

You may be further informed for the "Exoikonomisi Kat' Oikon II" Programme, by calling the special helpline at  211 10 97000.


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