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Invest in the present, enjoy in the future

Get the new capital growth plan "Alpha Prospects” created by Alpha Bank in cooperation with AlphaLife Insurance to secure a guaranteed capital to meet your future needs, or supplementary income for your retirement, with no investment risk.

The Plan adjusts to your own needs and those of your family. Thus, you are able to shape it exactly as you want, depending on your financial planning and the capital you wish to receive upon maturity. This capital is guaranteed, known from the onset and will be paid to you or a member of your family at the time you choose.

You select:

  • the amount of lump-sum payment]
  • the duration of the programme 
  • the time you will collect the capital. 

Create today your own capital and benefit from:

  • guaranteed yield throughout the duration of the programme
  • flexible payout scheme of the guaranteed capital upon maturity, either as a lump sum or as pension.

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