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No matter where you are, you can now use Alpha Pay by SMS to pay your credit card or reload your prepaid card at any time simply by sending an SMS from your mobile phone and charging your Alpha Bank deposit account.

How it works

You receive an alert by SMS about the issue of your card monthly statement which includes information about the total amount, minimum amount of payment and the due date.

Payment of credit card:

Select the amount you want to pay, by sending any of the following messages to 19129 ("XXXX" represent the last 4 digits of your card):

  • To settle the minimum monthly payment: Ε <space> "ΧΧΧΧ", for instance Ε ΧΧΧΧ
  • To settle the entire debit balance: Ο <space> "ΧΧΧΧ", for instance ΧΧΧΧ
  • To pay another amount: A <space> "AMOUNT" <space> "ΧΧΧΧ", where "AMOUNT" means a specific amount. The amount must be an integral number without commas or full stops, for instance A 50 XXXX.

How to reload a prepaid card:

Send an SMS to 19129 by writing A <space> "AMOUNT" <space> "ΧΧΧΧ", where "AMOUNT" means a specific amount. 

The amount must be an integral number without any commas and/or full stops, for instance A 30 1234.

Service cost

Sending an SMS costs Euro 0.13 per SMS including VAT. 

The Bank provides you with the service at no cost


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