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Within the framework of abiding by the obligations arising from the application of Laws 3556/2007 and 3864/2010, as in force, the persons subject to notification obligations who have a major holding in voting rights, whether shareholders or not, shall be obliged to submit the foreseen notifications.

Following the recent amendment of Law 3864/2010, the mandatory notifications, in accordance with the legislation in force, are two and independent of each other, one in accordance with Law 3556/2007 and one in accordance with Law 3864/2010. It is pointed out that the notification in accordance with the one law does not revoke nor does it cover any notification obligation in accordance with the other law. In addition, in each notification form the law on the grounds of which it is filed should be clearly stated.

The notification is conducted by submitting the relevant document, duly signed by the person subject to notification or his/her legal representative, to the Bank and to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission simultaneously. The senders should include the contact details of the responsible person/s.

Law 3556/2007

Law 3864/2010

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