Branch Network

Custom-designed services for the best possible customer service

Alpha Bank has taken a number of steps in order to provide an efficient service to people with disabilities (PwD) and facilitate their access to banking services. 

In particular, Customers of the Bank with visual impairments are offered the following services:

Customer Service at Branches without the need to be accompanied by witnesses

To facilitate Customers with visual impairments in conducting specific transactions, the witnesses who are required to accompany them may be replaced by two Officers of the Branch (excluding those who represent the Bank or act in a binding capacity for it in the specific transaction/activity), who may sign the relevant transaction or other documents for the Customer. 

Printing of Bank documents in Braille 

Customers with visual impairments may obtain, if they so wish, the following documents printed in Braille:

  •   Transaction Terms: Terms of Conduct of Banking Transactions / Commissions and Other Charges
  •  Transaction Terms: Deposit & Loan Interest Rates
  • Transaction Terms via Alternative Networks.

The estimated time required to satisfy the relevant requests is seven (7) calendar days.

Note: The above apply to all blind or partially-sighted persons with legal capacity.