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Events in SOS Children's Villages Greece

With a view to further sensitising the Bank Personnel on Corporate Social Responsibility issues, the “ALPHA BANK GROUP VOLUNTEER DAY” has been established since 2009 and is held concurrently in all the countries where the Group is present. This year, in Greece, visits and actions were held in the areas of SOS Children’s Villages Greece, on Sunday May 11, 2014 as described below:

ATHENS - SOS Children’s Village in Vari

In Athens, children and adults participated in actions carried out in the premises of the SOS Children’s Village in Vari. More specifically, the adults sorted out and classified the food supplies, either already existing in the Warehouse of the Village or collected on that day, and they arranged the bookcases in the main building of the premises. The children had the opportunity to take part in a football game, in educational and entertaining actions, such as collage, face painting, Lego constructions as well as in an educational event entitled “MAKE YOUR OWN COIN!” organised by the Numismatic Collection of the Bank. The children learned about the ancient coins, were familiarised with the technique of minting and took part in the “production” process using die replicas. Each child had the opportunity to mint and paint an Athenian tetradrachm and a tetradrachm of Alexander the Great but also to design an iconographic theme for a coin employing ancient and modern representations as a source of inspiration. The event closed with a brief concert by the SOS Children’s Village music band.

ALEXANDROUPOLIS - SOS Children’s Village in Thrace

At a 15 km2 area, in Aristino, Alexandroupolis, the houses of SOS Children’s Village host 16 children, with whom the Employees of Alpha Bank and their families spent some hours having fun and being creative, listening to live music and participating in activities, such as zumba, ping pong, face painting and papercutting. Furthermore, they concluded with the painting of the tiers of the Village in various colours and also had the opportunity to offer food supplies and personal hygiene products.

THESSALONIKI - SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari, Thessaloniki

Children and adults participated in events carried out in the premises of the SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari, Thessaloniki. More specifically, the adults sorted out and classified the food supplies collected on that day and arranged the bookcase located in the main building of the SOS Children’s Village. The children took part in a football game and in educational games. When the events concluded, everybody was offered a meal, which was prepared with the contribution of the Bank’s Volunteers and representatives of the SOS Children’s Village.

KALAMATA - Social Center in Kalamata - SOS Children’s Village in Kalamata and IRAKLIO, CRETE - Social Center - SOS Children’s Village in Iraklio, Crete.

Finally, in Kalamata and Iraklio, Crete, the children participated in educational activities under the guidance of tutors of the Villages, while the adults had the opportunity to be informed of the work carried out by the SOS Children’s Villages.

The Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day coincided with the celebration of Mother’s Day, and therefore, the employees of the SOS Children’s Villages, the 380 Alpha Bank Volunteers and their families shared the intense feelings associated with that emotionally-charged day.

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