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May 26, 2013, Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day

8 Countries, over 1,000 volunteers together, transform the vision into action!

In With a view to further sensitising the people of the Alpha Bank Group on social and
environmental issues and as part of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the last Sunday of May has been established since 2009 as the annual “ALPHA BANK GROUP VOLUNTEER DAY”.

This year, on May 26, 2013, volunteer groups comprising members of the Personnel and their families carried out actions of a social or environmental nature in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania and F.Y.R.O.M., thus promoting teamwork and cooperation.

In Greece, 343 volunteers participated in social and environmental events organised in Athens, Volos, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Karditsa, Corfu, Cephallonia, Patras, Samos, Chalkidiki, Chania and Chios. The Athens event involved an interactive environmental educational visit to the “Earth Centre”; in Volos, food supplies were collected for donation to the “Dos Imin Simeron” (“Give us this day”) Foundation; and in Karditsa, volunteers collected medicines for donation to the Karditsa Home for the Elderly. The events organised in the other cities and in the islands involved beach cleaning activities.

In Cyprus, 60 volunteers from the Bank’s Personnel collected food supplies and other staple commodities which were delivered to destitute families either by our volunteers themselves or in collaboration with the charities “Vagoni Agapis” in Nicosia and “Funraising” in Limassol.

In Romania, 130 volunteers from the Bank’s Personnel with members of their families undertook the embellishment of the Botanical Garden, in Bucharest, which included planting decorative plants, placing new benches, painting worn out fences and cleaning up the Garden’s paths.

In Bulgaria*, 197 volunteers participated in events which took place in different cities of the country. More specifically, in Sofia, volunteers planted flowers in the city’s West Park, in Varna, they helped clean the surroundings of the Archaeological Museum, in Burgas, the local Sea Garden park was cleaned and in Plovdiv, they undertook the cleaning of the area on Bunarjik Hill. Finally, in Blagoevgrad, volunteers painted the fence of a local nursery, while in Ruse, volunteers collected children’s books.

In Serbia, more than 130 volunteers, together with specialised partners, undertook the cleaning and decoration of abandoned city surfaces in the cities of Novi Sad, Niš and Belgrade. More specifically, in Novi Sad, 300 seedlings of plants were placed in abandoned building blocks, in Niš, 300 plants now decorate Đinđića Avenue Park, while in Belgrade our volunteers planted 1200 seedlings at the Park close to Dadov Theatre. 

In Albania, 180 volunteers participated in repairing damages in the paediatric units of hospitals, in four cities of the country. The volunteers carried out extensive restoration works in many areas, and also distributed gifts to the children accommodated for treatment in these hospitals.

In F.Y.R.O.M.*, 50 volunteers of the Bank collected and donated, in collaboration with the F.Y.R.O.M. Red Cross, clothing, shoes and other staple commodities to families in need. For this purpose, dedicated containers were placed at the Bank΄s Branches, in which Employees could make their donations, depending on their capabilities.
The active participation of all constitutes a valuable contribution to Alpha Bank’s efforts for a better world, as it reflects the social responsibility policy implemented by the Group while also promoting teamwork and cooperation.

*The Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day took place in Bulgaria and F.Y.R.O.M. on Sunday, June 2, 2013. 

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