Branch Network

We translate the principles of our environmental policy into action

Alpha Bank adopts practices that contribute actively to the protection of the environment and, in particular, to the responsible use and conservation of natural resources. 

In this framework, the Bank promotes the ecological awareness of its Personnel and is committed to the environmentally responsible operation of its Branches, by optimising the practices that contribute to its environmental policy.

To this end, Alpha Bank collaborates with licensed specialised organisations for the placement, in its Central Units and Branches, of special bins suitable for the collection, recycling and utilisation of materials.


For the Bank, the reduction of paper consumption is a firm objective achieved with the adoption of the following practices: 

  • the recycling of paper (shredded and unshredded), a policy that is extended to all the areas of the Alpha Bank Branches
  • the installation of special document shredders, in line with the Bank's Information Security policy 
  • the briefing of Cleaning Personnel regarding the requirement to collect waste paper and place it in the blue recycling bins of the local Municipalities (in cases where such paper is not collected by the Bank's authorised recycling contractors). 

For its Central Units, the Bank collaborates with specialised organization, which is responsible for placing and managing suitably marked waste paper recycling bins

Plastic and aluminium

For the recycling of plastic and aluminium, specialised organisation has also undertaken to place and manage corresponding recycling bins in the buildings occupied by the Bank's Central Units. These bins have the same characteristics as the ones used for the recycling of paper and, in addition, bear the Bank logo and a relevant environmental message. 


For the recycling of batteries, the Bank collaborates, for several years now, with the battery recycling company AFIS S.A. Recycling bins for batteries have been placed in all the Branches and Central Units of the Bank, throughout Greece, as well as in all Group Companies in Greece. 

Lead-acid batteries

For the collection of lead-acid batteries, the Bank collaborates with the company Sunlight S.A


For the recycling of toners and cartridges, the Bank collaborates with authorised and suitably licensed companies, which collect empty toners and cartridges for recycling at regular intervals.


For the recycling and utilisation of old or damaged electromechanical equipment, such as servers, PCs, monitors, printers, POS terminals and other appliances, the Bank collaborates with the electrical and electronic appliances recycling company Appliances Recycling S.A

Light bulbs and lighting units

For the recycling of lighting units and light bulbs, the Bank collaborates with Photocycling S.A., which has placed special recycling bins for lighting units and light bulbs in the Bank’s Network and Units throughout Greece.

Obsolete equipment

Obsolete equipment (office furniture, filing cabinets, metallic objects etc.) is retired either for recycling or controlled destruction and disposal in appropriate areas (Controlled Landfills) by companies licensed for the management of non-hazardous solid waste, or sold as scrap, as appropriate.

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