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We are committed to our “green” business operation

Alpha Bank recognises that economic growth depends directly on the ecosystem's sustainability. The Bank acknowledges its responsibility to actively contribute to the efforts to protect the environment, deal with climate change and conserve the natural resources. The Bank is also committed to the implementation of appropriate policies to prevent pollution and address the direct and indirect environmental impacts of its operation.
Alpha Bank follows a well-defined and comprehensive Environmental Policy, while at the same time fulfilling its Shareholders’ expectations.
The adoption and implementation of best practices on the environment, society and corporate governance, is a high priority for the Bank.
In this context, it has developed an Environmental Management System and is committed to its continuous implementation and expansion, in order to improve the Bank's environmental performance.

The principles governing the Environmental Policy

Inclusion of Environmental Criteria in Banking

The Bank includes non-financial environmental criteria in its assessment of credit requests. It develops and provides products and services that support its Customers’ activities to improve their environmental performance.

Rational use of energy, natural resources and effective waste management

Our aim is to reduce the consumption of electricity, water and fuels, collect and transport waste securely and to further promote the recycling of paper, plastic, batteries, lamps, electromecanichal equipment and other materials.

Office Areas

In the case of rental or purchase of a building, priority is given to buildings that meet the Bank's criteria for energy savings to the maximum extent possible. In addition, in the case of Buildings that are particularly energy-consuming, works are gradually performed to rebuild, renovate or restore them and to upgrade their energy efficiency in general.

Environmental Compliance

The Bank is committed to operating in accordance with the applicable national and Community regulatory framework and the codes of ethics, and to ensure the implementation of the environmental legislation in all its activities.

Supplier Compliance with Environmental Principles

In awarding contracts to Suppliers, consideration is given to the compliance of their activities and raw materials with environmental protection criteria.

Personnel Awareness

Through its training policy and regular communication of information, the Bank informs its Personnel about environmental matters of concern to it, so as to foster and raise their environmental and ecological awareness.

Environmental Policy Implementation

The Environmental Policy is communicated within the Bank and to its stakeholders, and all the steps necessary to achieve the targets set are taken to improve the environmental footprint.

Disclosure of Results

The Bank undertakes to publish the results of its environmental activities at regular intervals.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Bank is committed to participating in the dialogue on environmental matters with its Personnel, Shareholders, Customers, Suppliers, Associates, and the State.

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