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What is the IRIS Online Payments service?


It is the service that enables the instant execution of interbank fund transfers within Greece (and as from 13/12/21 also within banks in Single European Payments Area - SEPA, as long as they participate in the pan-European Sepa Credit Transfer Instant Scheme (SCT Inst)), supported by DIAS Interbanking Systems. Alpha Bank has made this option available via the myAlpha electronic services, as follows:

  • Instant fund transfers using myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone

    By selecting Transfers > New Transfer > Within Greece, myAlpha web subscribers can choose to execute instantly a fund transfer (up to Euro 50,000) to another bank in Greece (and as from 13/12/21 also in banks in Single European Payments Area (SEPA), as long as they participate in the pan-European Sepa Credit Transfer Instant Scheme (SCT Inst)), provided that this bank participates in the IRIS Οnline Payments system*. 

    This option is available on every calendar day of the year (including weekends and Bank holidays), on a 24-hour basis. The sender’s Alpha Bank account is debited immediately but the transfer message to the recipient bank is sent 5 minutes after the transaction is successfully entered. During this time frame, the sender may cancel the transfer order. Once this 5-minute time frame has elapsed, the transaction may not be cancelled (only reversed).

    Alpha Bank is in no way responsible for any problems which may arise as a result of incorrect transaction entries. The beneficiary's account is credited by the recipient bank instantly. The beneficiary’s notification of the amount credited to his/her account is the responsibility of the beneficiary’s bank and takes place in accordance with its applicable policy and internal procedures.

    For the immediate execution of transfers to other banks, the sender pays an additional charge according to Alpha Bank’s current price list.

*Apart from Alpha Bank, the following banks also participate in the IRIS Online Payments service: National Bank, Eurobank SA, Piraeus Bank, Attica Bank and Viva Payment Services S.A. 

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