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Invest ecologically and benefit economically

Invest in green entrepreneurship and benefit from power generation and sale, enjoying financing for the purchase  and installation of photovoltaic systems equipment with a maximum capacity up to 500 KW.

Get the green loan "Alpha Eco Business" that provides you with complete financing for:

  • Construction, extension and modernization of building, special and auxiliary facilities.
  • Configuration of installation site (civil engineering works).purchase of the necessary equipment, special mounting and other wiring installations (PV Panels & Inverters)
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment, special support and other cabling (PV Panels & Inverters).
  • Connection to the Public Power Corporation's network (based on the PPC’s binding terms and conditions)
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Parks (maximum capacity up to 500 KW).
  • Investments in PV system installation on Business Roofs (with power capacity > 10KW and up to 100KW).

Loan financing and duration

We finance up to 65% of the total cost (installations, equipment, designs), based on budget of the project or based on pro-forma invoices.  

The repayment term of your loan may be up to 15 years. 

The interest rate* 

3-month Euribor, plus margin (based on the provided securities) and Interest Rate Cap (4,00%) for the whole period of protection (up to 1.1.2022).

* Plus contribution of Law 128/75.

Loan repayment

Through quarterly amortization installments

Loan disbursement

Your loan is disbursed either as a lump sum or in gradual installments, depending on the investment category and project progress with a maximum of three payments. One-off or partial disbursements according to the category of the investment and the development stage of the project, with a maximum of three (3) disbursements.

Grace period      

 Up to 12 months with interest capitalization.

Early repayment

You can repay your loan at any time. 
In case of early repayment during the period of protection (up to 1.1.2022), compensation is paid for the cost of protection against interest rate risk.


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