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Combine flexibility on POS transactions with liquidity enhancement

Benefit twice from My Alpha POS, since being the tool of payment acceptance, provides, ease in transactions, while simultaneously boosts the liquidity of your business to cover your everyday cash needs.

“My Alpha POS Credit Line” is a revolving working capital flexible account, which provides you financing on future card transactions performed through “My Alpha POS” device, under favourable terms.

Thus, My Alpha POS is upgraded to a tool which boosts your business liquidity and helps you to meet in full your everyday transactions and operating expenses.

Amount of financing and duration 

We offer you financing starting from Euro 10,000 and up to the amount determined by the transactions performed through My Alpha POS terminal.

The interest rate 

  • Minimum Lending Rate plus margin, depending on the collateral provided
  • 1-month, 3-month, 6-month Euribor plus margin depending on the collateral provided.

* plus contribution of Law 128/75


  • The balance is repaid through:
  • automatic credit of transactions performed through My Alpha POS 
  • direct credit of own funds existed in the current account
  • Interest is paid every calendar quarter.

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