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Boost the liquidity of your business

Enjoy the benefit of sufficiently managing your everyday transactions and meet any short-term operational or exceptional needs with this Αlpha Bank working capital current account.

Stop worrying about liquidity and make your business transactions in a few minutes, consistently and safely since Alpha 600 provides you with the working capital your business needs. 

Amount of financing

We offer you financing up to the amount determined by the turnover and transaction cycle of the business.

The interest rate

Minimum Lending Rate plus margin (determined on a case by case basis).
* plus the contribution of Law 128/75

Loan repayment

  • Your loan is repaid through: 
  • partial payments
  • One – off payment until at the expiry of the deadlines agreed and determined according to the turnover and transaction cycle of the business
  • automatic credit coming from the liquidation of assigned securities.
  • Repaid capital re-borrowing option
  • Interest is paid quarterly

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