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Cover all your business needs, namely investment, development as well as everyday needs with the Action that guarantees interest-free financing for 40% of the loan, due to the interest-free capital participation of the Entrepreneurship Fund II.

Alpha Bank participates in the Entrepreneurship Fund II "Business Funding", aimed at supporting and strengthening Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises that want to realise their investment plans and/or cover their working capital needs. 

Who is the Action addressed to

The Action is addressed to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) of any legal form (sole proprietorship, private capital company, general partnership, limited company, SA) and at any stage of operation (newly - founded or existing) that meet the following criteria:

  • They are and will remain Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, regardless of their type of operation (independent, associate or related enterprise),
    • they employ up to 250 employees in Annual Work Units 
    • their annual turnover is up to Euro 50 million or their assets are up to Euro 43 million 
  • They are registered, they operate and invest in Greece
  • They do not exceed the Aid limit set by the De Minimis Rule.
  • They do not have outstanding tax or social security obligations
  • They operate in every sector of the Greek economy - apart from exceptions.




Business Funding - Entrepreneurship Fund II
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