Subscription to the Alpha e-Banking services is free of charge! Transfer funds and make payments at a low cost or add services to your subscription and benefit from the extra options that each one offers.


Are transactions via Alpha e-Banking less expensive compared with transactions at the Branch? 

By using the Alpha Web Banking, Alpha Mobile Banking and Alphaphone services for your transactions, you enjoy considerable benefits and discounts: 
  • transfers to Alpha Bank accounts of third parties are free of charge.
  • payments to Alpha Bank cards of third parties are free of charge.
  • significant discounts in Alpha Bank's charges for simple payment orders to accounts held with other domestic or foreign banks (within the Eurozone).
  • a 20% discount on the Bank's charges for issuance of a chequebook. 
  • significant discounts are also available for various payments. 

Want even greater security for your transactions?
Additional Password Services

For additional security and control of your transactions, such as sending remittances and managing your subscription, you can activate the Additional Password Services, available for a one-off fee of Euro 8.00. The additional password generation through the Alpha Safe Access application or via SMS is free of charge. The fee refers exclusively to your subscription to the service.

Re-installing the application is free.

To learn more about the Additional Password Services, click here

Want to receive information about critical transactions immediately? 
Alpha alerts service (real-time notifications via SMS and/or email). 

The Alpha alerts service meets your needs for immediate notification and control of your transactions, such as sending remittances, changing your password or receive notification of purchases made using your credit cards abroad, at the moment they are executed, i.e. in real-time, via SMS and/or email.

  • if you choose to be notified of your accounts’  transactions via email, the service is  provided free of charge! If you choose to be notified via SMS, you will be charged a monthly fee of €1.90 per subscription, as long as you have received at least one SMS, regardless of the number of accounts you have connected to the service. Click here for the detailed terms of service.
  • for your cards, the monthly fee for the Alpha alerts cards service is €1.00 per card. The service is provided free of charge for the Enter Bonus American Express and American Express Gold cards. 
  • alerts via email or SMS for e-banking transactions are offered free of charge!

To learn more about the Alpha alerts service, click here.

Cost for using ΑΤΜs and ACTCs

Your transactions through the Alpha Bank network of ΑΤΜs and Automated Cash Transaction Centres (ACTCs) are free of charge, regardless of the number of your monthly transactions. More specifically, you can use the Alpha Bank ATM and ACTC networks to carry out free of charge most of the transactions available for Alpha Bank accounts and for cards issued by Alpha Bank (withdrawals, deposits, transfers, payments, updates etc.). 

In which cases are fees charged for using the ΑΤΜ/ACTC network?
  • for loading the Alpha Bank Prepaid MasterCard.
  • for payments to Companies / Organisations. To see the current Price-list, click here
  • for payments to credit cards issued by other domestic banks, for which a commission of Euro 1.00  per transaction is charged.
Are there any fees charged for using Alpha Bank cards at other banks’ ATM?


Useful Security Tips

  • Alpha Bank will never ask you for your access codes in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail). These codes are strictly personal and you must never reveal them to anyone.
  • Select access codes that are not easily guessed and are not being used on other systems and services.
  • Keep the access codes confidential in a way that it is not feasible to be disclosed / stolen.
  • Log in to Alpha Web Banking only via the official website of Alpha Bank ( and never via other links appearing on other websites, search engines or e-mail messages.
  • Verify the validity of the Alpha Web Banking page and the security certificate by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of the browser.
  • Update your PC with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system (e.g. Windows) and the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
  • Inspect regularly your PC for viruses and other malicious programs using the latest versions of antivirus and antimalware utilities.
  • Ignore and delete immediately suspicious e-mails that ask you to provide your personal data, include links or attachments.
  • Find here more tips and instruction for your transactions’ protection.