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Alpha e-Banking   for Individuals
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Alpha Bank's modern and extensive network of ATMs and Automated Cash Transaction Centers (ACTC) is always at your service!

Save time and enjoy freedom by carrying out your transactions quickly and efficiently anytime during the day when this is convenient for you.

Know the ATM services

We constantly upgrade the options and services offered by our network, to provide you with the best possible customer service.

At the Alpha Bank ATMs, you can:

  • pay your debts to the Public Sector
  • make payments, selecting from a large number of companies
  • load and unload your Alpha Bank Prepaid MasterCard™ (by cash deposit or by debiting your bank account)
  • withdraw cash using cards issued in a currency other than Euro via the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service, which lets you know your currency's conversion rate to the Euro at the moment you make the withdrawal
  • use the cards issued by China UnionPay International.

Use our ATMs for your daily transactions, any time of day

Choose any Alpha Bank ATM to:

  • withdraw cash from your account or Alpha Revolving and Alpha 700 loans
  • deposit cash or cheques to your accounts
  • make payments on your Alpha Bank credit cards and loans
  • load and unload your Alpha Bank Prepaid MasterCard™, by cash deposit or by debiting your bank account
  • use the cash advance facility of your Visa, MasterCard™, American Express® and Diners cards.

Get updates on balances and transactions, make payments and transfers or change your PIN

Moreover, you can use ATMs to:

  • transfer amounts (up to Euro 1,500 per day) between Alpha Bank accounts
  • pay bills of selected utilities and other companies
  • inquire the balance of your bank accounts, cards, Bonus points and loans (Alpha Revolving and Alpha 700)
  • see the last 10 transactions of your bank account and of your portfolio in Alpha Finance
  • change your password (PIN).

Enjoy services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
through the extensive ATM network of Alpha Bank

We are near you in more than 1,100 locations across Greece.

ATMs are installed in all Alpha Bank Branches, in large department stores and firms, airports, ports, railway and bus stations, hotels, casinos, hospitals, educational facilities, supermarkets, Public Services buildings, event venues and other high-traffic locations.

You can also use the Alpha Bank ATM network if your card is issued by another Greek bank (through the DIAS Network or DELTAnet) or if it is an international card bearing one of the following logos:

  • American Express®
  • Visa, Visa Electron, VPAY, Plus
  • MasterCard™, Maestro, Cirrus
  • Union Pay
  • Diners Club, Discover, Pulse

Know the ACTC services

We constantly upgrade the options and services offered by our Automated Cash Transaction Centers (ACT)network, to provide you with the best possible customer service.

You can use ACTCs to:

  • pay your debts to the Public Sector
  • make payments to a wide range of selected companies
  • load and unload your Alpha Bank Prepaid MasterCard™ (by cash deposit or by debiting your bank account).

Carry out transactions in cash easily and quickly

Use the ACTCs at the Alpha Bank Branches for the following transactions:

  • deposits in Alpha Bank accounts 
  • loading your Alpha Bank Prepaid MasterCard™ 
  • payments: 
    - to credit cards issued by Alpha Bank, Citibank, Diners and other domestic banks 

    - personal and consumer loan installments 

    - bills of selected utilities and other companies 

    - to cards issued by other businesses (Nutriclub, Amway, Mouchalis, Jet ‘n’ Go).

With more than 280 Automated Cash Transaction Centres (ACTCs), we offer you an alternative channel for your banking transactions during Branch working hours

By choosing to use an ACTC, you benefit from:

  • speed in your transactions inside the Branch
  • ease of use without the need for a PIN, with intuitive navigation through touch-screen menus, barcode reading capabilities and the possibility to carry out transactions on behalf of a third party
  • immediate updating of your deposit account and credit balances
  • the option to add details that will be shown on the deposit receipt
  • the possibility to pay in coins and receive change and the possibility to make up to three payments in a single transaction (multiple transaction).


We are here for everything you need!

Useful Security Tips

  • Alpha Bank will never ask you for your access codes in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail). These codes are strictly personal and you must never reveal them to anyone.
  • Select access codes that are not easily guessed and are not being used on other systems and services.
  • Keep the access codes confidential in a way that it is not feasible to be disclosed / stolen.
  • Log in to Alpha Web Banking only via the official website of Alpha Bank ( and never via other links appearing on other websites, search engines or e-mail messages.
  • Verify the validity of the Alpha Web Banking page and the security certificate by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of the browser.
  • Update your PC with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system (e.g. Windows) and the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
  • Inspect regularly your PC for viruses and other malicious programs using the latest versions of antivirus and antimalware utilities.
  • Ignore and delete immediately «suspicious» e-mails that ask you to provide your personal data, include links or attachments.
  • Find here more tips and instruction for your transactions’ protection.