Alpha Web Banking

We have designed a new, modern environment that adapts perfectly to your computer and tablet, so that you can carry out transactions securely and quickly, with overview capabilities and with options for easy management of your products and subscription.

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Alpha Mobile Banking

Always updated, with new solutions!

The award-winning Alpha Mobile Banking app is constantly enriched with new options and tools that make it easier for you to manage your finances and carry out your transactions.

Now, you can sign up for the Alpha e-Banking services and update your personal details required by the Bank via your mobile phone, faster than ever! 

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Alphaphone Banking

Make payments from the comfort of your home or office.
Just call 210 326 0000. 

The Alphaphone Banking team of skilled and experienced Agents is here
to provide you with information on your products and assist you in carrying out
your transactions easily and securely. You can also access the service by phone
using the automated IVR system, available 24 hours a day.


Alpha Bank's modern and extensive network of ATMs and Automated Cash Transaction Centres (ACTCs) is always at your service! 

Save time and enjoy freedom by carrying out your transactions quickly and efficiently, any time during the day when this is convenient for you.

my Alpha wallet with Tap ‘n Pay

The evolution of payments

The new, innovative payment method with Tap ’n Pay for Android mobile devices with NFC technology is here! Make transactions in Greece or abroad at POS terminals with the contactless symbol, using any Alpha Bank credit, debit or prepaid card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express®).
In addition, using my Alpha wallet from your PC or your iOS or Android device, you can:

  • make online purchases in all e-shops with the Masterpass logo and check-out with push notifications sent to your mobile phone,
  • pay your bills with just one click, using the Scan To Pay capability,
  • log in to the mobile app using your fingerprint,
  • receive push notifications about all your transactions and other actions,
  • access directly your cards’ transactions via the Service’s redesigned Home screen.

Learn more about the Service's major awards and distinctions.





You can now access stock markets easily and quickly, wherever you are, using the Alpha Trade service offered by Alpha Finance. The service provides you with high-quality services, all-round financial updates, economic analyses and economic, corporate and business news from authoritative sources, available in real time and accessible from your computer, mobile or fixed phone.

Alpha Global Trading



For those with an interest in foreign markets, Alpha Finance has created the Alpha Global Trading service, offering you a platform for carrying out, securely and at a low cost, electronic trading transactions in equities, ETFs, derivatives and selected FX crosses. 

In addition, you can view the consolidated position and valuation of your portfolio and access real-time monitoring information, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, wherever you are.

Useful Security Tips

  • Alpha Bank will never ask you for your access codes in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail). These codes are strictly personal and you must never reveal them to anyone.
  • Select access codes that are not easily guessed and are not being used on other systems and services.
  • Keep the access codes confidential in a way that it is not feasible to be disclosed / stolen.
  • Log in to Alpha Web Banking only via the official website of Alpha Bank ( and never via other links appearing on other websites, search engines or e-mail messages.
  • Verify the validity of the Alpha Web Banking page and the security certificate by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of the browser.
  • Update your PC with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system (e.g. Windows) and the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
  • Inspect regularly your PC for viruses and other malicious programs using the latest versions of antivirus and antimalware utilities.
  • Ignore and delete immediately suspicious e-mails that ask you to provide your personal data, include links or attachments.
  • Find here more tips and instruction for your transactions’ protection.