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Alpha e-Banking   for Individuals
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Win up to 1,000,000 Bonus points

Settle your Income Tax, Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) and Vehicle Circulation Tax payments via Alpha Web Banking and Alpha Mobile Banking and enter the draws by 31.12.2016.

If you do not wish to participate in the contest, please contact us at
210 326 0000.

Alpha e-Banking

Find out more about the Service by using the interactive demo environment.

Alpha e-Banking

Experience banking, like never before! 

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Alpha e-Banking. Built around your needs

Alpha Bank's updated and advanced electronic banking services are now here. Access information at any time, organise your finances and carry out transactions from your computer, tablet and fixed or mobile phone, choosing the e-banking service that best suits your needs.

Transactions for every need

Payments. Easy like never before

With the new, easy-to-use transaction environment, you can carry out transactions securely from the comfort of your home or using your mobile phone.


Do you want to make a payment?

More than 400 payments are available for you to make quickly from your computer, tablet, mobile phone, fixed phone or the Alpha Bank ATMs and ACTCs:

  • Alpha Bank Cards and Loans
  • cards issued by other banks
  • the Public Sector, Water Supply and Drainage Companies and Public Utilities
  • telephony and Internet Providers
  • insurance and other companies
  • charitable organisations and societies

Transfers. To anywhere, in no time

Transfer funds quickly and easily to accounts held with Alpha Bank or with other banks in Greece and abroad. Take advantage of the options offered by the new Alpha e-Banking services, organise your transfers and save time.


Trust the new Alpha e-Banking for your transfers

Schedule the payment of your obligations on-time, such as your rent or your children's tuition fees, send the advance payment for your hotel booking or send a remittance abroad. Choose the Alpha e-Banking services to transfer funds:

  • to Alpha Bank accounts
  • to other banks in Greece and abroad
  • immediately or at a selected future date.

Online Products. Available whenever you decide

Now you can create online your own Alpha online Term Deposit or take out the Alpha Safe Auto insurance package that meets your requirements. Start when you want to, without the intervention of an Alpha Bank representative.


In just a few minutes, from the comfort of your home:

  • Alpha online Term Deposit with Bonus
    Create your own via Alpha Web Banking and benefit both from interest and Bonus points, whenever, wherever and as you wish! 
  • Alpha online Term Deposit 
    Set it up in just 5’ via Alpha Web Banking or Alphaphone Banking and benefit from the preferential interest rate!

Online trading services. A whole world on your screen

Gain access to the Greek and international trading markets from your computer, tablet or mobile phone via the Alpha Trade and Alpha Global Trading services.


With Alpha Trade and Alpha Global Trading, you can:

  • carry out transactions securely and at a low cost 
  • receive reliable financial information in real-time 
  • have access to news and financial analyses from reliable sources.

You are always in control

Information and Organisation. Your most important needs, take centre stage

Your daily life is easier, when you are in control of your finances

  • with the new, easy-to-use "Overview" page, you see at a glance all your accounts,
    cards, loans and investments, displayed in interactive graphs and lists
  • on a single screen, you now see all the information and the available options
    for the product that interests you. Your activity history remains your
    point of reference, whenever you need it
  • you organise your finances, automating your future transactions and assigning
    friendly names (aliases) to those you carry out frequently
  • your subscription is adapted to you preferences. In addition to the other options
    available, your products can now have individual colours and names.

See how


You are always in control of your finances as soon as you log in.


You enjoy speed and freedom in the new Alpha Web Banking.


Organise your finances via your mobile phone as well.

Tools for your information. Wherever you are

Useful tools for you:

  • Alpha e-Statements: Replace paper account statements with electronic ones. In this way, you reduce your environmental footprint and protect your personal data
  • Alpha alerts: Receive real-time notifications about the activity of your cards and accounts by e-mail or SMS, so that you can feel secure and be always in control.

Bonus Rewards Programme. See and manage your Bonus points, any time

Do you own a Bonus card?

  • log in to Alpha Web Banking to see the Bonus points of all your cards 
  • transfer points between your Bonus cards for the redemption you want
  • install the Bonus App to see immediately the balance of your points, as well as information on the Programme's promotions and partner businesses, wherever you are.

We are here for you

Your Security. Our primary concern

  1. We look after your security
    Alpha Bank constantly seeks to ensure the maximum possible security in all your e-banking transactions, by following strict specifications and security procedures in all its systems and services
  2. What you can do for your own protection
    The security of your transactions is also your concern. See some tips and instructions for the protection of your transactions when using the Alpha e-Banking services
  3. Additional security layers in your transactions
    We keep developing additional tools so that you feel even more secure when you use our services or make purchases online. Know more about and activate the Additional Password Services  and the Alpha Secure Web service.

Support. Whenever you need it

Find the answers you are looking for

We created the new "Support - Security" section with your needs in mind, to give you access to all the help you need and make it easy and quick for you to find information and answers to questions about our e-banking services. 
You can always contact us at 210 326 0000, weekdays from 8:00 to 22:30.

Useful Security Tips

  • Alpha Bank will never ask you for your access codes in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail). These codes are strictly personal and you must never reveal them to anyone.
  • Select access codes that are not easily guessed and are not being used on other systems and services.
  • Keep the access codes confidential in a way that it is not feasible to be disclosed / stolen.
  • Log in to Alpha Web Banking only via the official website of Alpha Bank ( and never via other links appearing on other websites, search engines or e-mail messages.
  • Verify the validity of the Alpha Web Banking page and the security certificate by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of the browser.
  • Update your PC with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system (e.g. Windows) and the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
  • Inspect regularly your PC for viruses and other malicious programs using the latest versions of antivirus and antimalware utilities.
  • Ignore and delete immediately «suspicious» e-mails that ask you to provide your personal data, include links or attachments.
  • Find here more tips and instruction for your transactions’ protection.