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Enter Bonus American Express®

Welcome to the world of everdyday Bonus!

The Enter Bonus American Express is the first  card that not only offers you secure access to your bank account, but also rewards you with Bonus points for all your everyday purchases through the Bonus Programme.

In addition, the embedded contactless technology enables you to conduct your everyday payments with unique convenience, in just a few seconds.

You can use it everywhere in Greece and abroad, instead of cash, as all transactions are made by debiting your bank account. Your purchases are made easily, quickly and safely, without any interest charges, and you can reward yourself with Bonus Points.

Bonus, the biggest Loyalty Programme in Greece, rewards you with Bonus points for every purchase you make. You can redeem these points for products and services offered from thousands of Bonus mercants  in Greece.

Collect Bonus points from every purchase you make:

Every time you use your Enter Bonus American Express card, in any store, you collect Bonus points, as follows:
For purchases at our Premium Plus Bonus merchants: AB Vassilopoulos, AEGEAN, at selected BP stations throughout Greece, vodafone, hellas online, notosgalleries, Hertz, AXA insurance, Hondos Center and KOTSOVOLOS.
For purchases at all Bonus merchants.
For purchases anywhere else in Greece or abroad.

Get the Enter Bonus American Express card and enjoy :

Bonus points for every purchase, as well as:

Access to  Alpha Bank accounts (up to 5). Selection of your daily purchase and cash withdrawal limit that serves your needs best.
 Access of  your bank account from any Alpha Bank ATM, and DIAS network ATMs in Greece, or  from any American Express  ATM abroad, without buying foreign currency before you travel abroad. Enjoy maximum security the  hip & PIN technology. Cash free shopping at thousands of merchants  in Greece and abroad, without having to visit an  ATM. All purchases are made through automatic debit of your bank account, without interest charges. The only  limit  is the balance of your  bank account.
Free Shopping Protection insurance for purchases up to  Euro 1,000 and of Euro 2,500 per year. If there is a guarantee certificate, the insurance doubles its duration.
2,000 Bonus points as a gift for your first  transaction at any Bonus Merchant!
3,000 Bonus points as a gift for all  cards issued until 31.07.2015



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