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Fund transfer to an Alpha Bank account

This transaction allows you to transfer money free of charge via Alpha Web Banking:

to any Alpha Bank deposit account,
despite if it belongs to your profile or not (Ανήκει στις υπηρεσίες πρόσθετου κωδικού ασφαλείας),
with the choice of immediate or future execution,
without any amount constraints if the account belongs in your profile,

Data you must obtain in order to record a transaction

In order to record a transaction you will need to:

1. Know the beneficiary's bank account number:
 - either in its international (IBAN) format  (e.g. GR2701401060106002320000001),
 - either in its typical form (e.g. 106002101000001).

2. If the account you wish to credit does not belong in your profile, the activation and use of Additional Password Services Ανήκει στις υπηρεσίες πρόσθετου κωδικού ασφαλείας will be required. Click here for more information.

Service Fees

The service is provided free of charge, for any transferred amount.

Job preparation and Approval

The transaction is available to both the "Authorized user" and the "Assistant user". The "Assistant user" can prepare the job which as soon as it is approved by the "Authorized user" it is recorded as a transaction for execution.

The approval can be given at any date, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Transaction execution date

The transaction allows you to choose between 2 different execution types:

The money are transferred instantly in the beneficiary's account.
In a selected date:

You can schedule a transaction for future execution. If you select this type of execution, the earliest available execution date will be the next working date.
The selection of the next working date as execution date is available until 10:00 p.m. of the previous working date. e.g. if you record a transaction on Monday:
- the earliest possible execution date will be Tuesday, which will also be the credit date.

Indication to block transferred amount

If you select your transaction to be executed in a selected date, then you can choose whether you want the amount to be blocked in your account, until the execution date.
- If you choose to block the amount, the action will be done without any interest loss.
- If you do not wish to block the amount, you will have to ensure the availability of the amount on the execution date, or else the transaction will be unsuccessful.

For the unsuccessful transactions (the ones that could not be executed), you can get alerts, provided you have activated the service via the menu Maintenance>My profile>For unsuccessful order executions.

Transaction or job tracking - Status updating

You can track the transactions you have recorded and their status via the menu Fund Transfers>Inquiries>"Transactions" details.
The jobs that have been recorded for approval can be found via the menu Fund Transfers>Inquiries>"Jobs" details.

- Transactions with immediate execution, have immediate status updating.
- Transactions that are executed in a selected date, after 22:00 of the previous working date of the execution date, get the status "Under process" and their final state is updated during the execution date (either successful or unsuccessful).

Order Cancellation

Via the menu Fund Transfers>Cancellations, Alpha Web Banking offers you the opportunity to cancel your order any time prior to its execution.

In addition, via the same menu, the "Simple" users can cancel their jobs as long as they have not been approved.