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Banknotes Museum

The Banknotes Museum is housed in the first floor of the listed building that was the first Branch of the Ionian Bank in Corfu, and is one of the very few museums of its kind in the world with a most comprehensive and continuously expanding collection comprising:

A near-complete collection of Greek banknotes, from the very first ones circulated in 1822 to the last ones withdrawn in 2002 with the advent of the Euro
(roughly 2,000 items).
Sketches, essays and printing plates for various Greek banknotes.
Archive material (documents, accounting books, cheques, photographs relating to the history of the Ionian Bank etc.).
A complete series of the last issues of national banknotes by the Euro Zone Member States before their replacement by the Euro.

Since 2005, when the building was renovated and the Collection was radically reorganised in accordance with the latest museological standards, the Museum has been operating daily and has received many visitors. In these two years it has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors, either individually or as part of organised group visits (by schools, Universities, Scouts, professional associations etc.).

The second floor of the building which houses the Banknote Museum has been transformed to hold temporary exhibitions. Until the present day it has accommodated the following exhibitions: Fred Boissonnas: Images of Greece, in 2011, ''Greek Posters'', in 2008, and ''Greek Costume - Printed Sources 16th-20th Century'', co-organised with the Benaki Museum, in 2007.