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ALPHA Commercial Mortgage

ALPHA Commercial Mortgage provides financial support to Businesses for the acquisition of business premises.

Commercial mortgage finances:
the purchase of business premises (new built or under construction)
the purchase of a plot
the construction, completion, renovation, maintenance or refurbishment of business premises.


From Euro 10.000 and up to:

70% of the budget related to completion, renovation, maintenance, repair of the business property
70% of the market value of the business property.


From 5 up to 20 years.

Interest Rate*:

Minimum Lending Rate (today 8.35%) plus margin up to 4.00%
3-year fixed interest rate today 9.00%
5-year fixed interest rate today 9.75%
10-year fixed interest rate today 10.00%
(*) Plus contribution of Law 128/75, i.e. 0,60%.

After the expiration of any fixed interest rate period, you can choose any of the above variable or fixed interest rates. 

Repayment Procedure:
Through monthly or quarterly amortization installments.   

Grace Period:
Up to 6 months for the purchase of business property and up to 2 years for construction, completion.