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Daily 8:00a.m.-10:30p.m.
Provided services for Businesses Alpha Web Banking Alpha Global Cash Management Alpha Bank File Transfer Alpha Web International Trade
Viewing Alpha Bank’s account balance, account statement and cheques
Downloading Alpha Bank’s account statements
Viewing of balance and movement of accounts held with Alpha Bank Group
Viewing of third bank’s account balances and statements
Fund transfers to other Alpha Bank accounts
Liquidity management for Alpha Bank accounts
Liquidity management for Alpha Bank Group’s accounts
Liquidity management for third bank’s accounts
Payroll, mass suppliers payments
Interbanking fund transfers within Greece and to Eurozone countries
Payments of utility bills, telecommunications and the other suppliers’ and providers’ bills
Payments of VAT, Social Security etc.
ΠViewing of imports and exports
Settlement of import orders
Execution of transactions after approval
Collections with direct debits of accounts or cards
Monitoring of status after the execution of each payment
Change of access codes