Alpha Mass Payments

Make your company's mass payments and proceeds a piece of cake.

Alpha Bank via the Alpha Mass Payments service enables your company to execute mass payments such as payroll, supplier payments and customer’s proceeds easily securely and quickly.

Alpha Mass Payments is an online platform that aims at modernizing your business by allowing you to save precious time and money with just one click.

Evolve your business with Alpha Mass Payments.

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It is the solution for you if...

…you own a company and need to execute mass transactions such as payroll, supplier payments or customers' proceeds.

Multi approval levels

Alpha Mass Payments allows you to set approval levels for your company mass payments execution, in order to maximize security.

Prioritize your daily tasks

Schedule your transactions so that you gain time to deal with more important issues concerning your business.

Save money

The service is offered free of set-up costs and monthly fees. There is no charge for the transactions performed via the service.