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File preparation tool

The file preparation "tool" is an additional program that allows you to prepare in an easy way transfers and payment files (with up to 1000 records). You can use this "tool" without signing on Alpha Web Banking.
In order to be able to use the "tool" your operating systems must be Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Note: The "file preparation tool" and its manual are available only in Greek language..

Tool manual

Press HERE (available only in Greek) to obtain information about the "tool"'s use (Acrobat Reader file). In case you wish to use an alternative program to create a file for Alpha Web Banking you can also find the file format for each type of transactions.

Tool installation (v.3)

In order to download and install at your computer the "file preparation tool" for Alpha Web Banking click the icon and follow these steps:

1.     At the emerging window click «Open» or «Run» to begin the downloading of the installation file at your computer.

2.     After the file download is complete, click «Next» to start the tool installation process.

3.     On the next pop up window the proposed installation path appears (you can change it if you wish by clicking the “Browse” button and selecting a new directory) as well as two radio buttons for the selection of the tool’s users (everyone and just me – preselected)
Press the button “Next” to go on with the tooll installation procedure.

4.     On the confirmation screen of the tool installation, press “Next” to allow the tool installation to begin.

5.     After the successful tool installation, press the button “Close” of the installation window.
A new program named “Alpha Web Banking” is already installed at your programs and a new shortcut has already been created on your desktop.