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Provided services and characteristics

Alpha Web Banking services are customized so as to satisfy our corporate customers needs.

Provided services

Alpha Web Banking subscription is free of charge (get more information on the potential charges when using the Alpha e-Banking services according to the current pricelist).
As soon as you become a subscriber, you will be able to monitor your deposit and loan accounts, to execute single or multiple fund transfers and payments e.t.c.


Alpha Web Banking for companies has special characteristics that aim to cover the companies-subscribers' needs. Therefore, Alpha Web Banking supports:

  • Two user levels per subscription that allow the preparation and approval of transactions before their execution. To obtain more information click here
  • The ability to prepare and process "jobs" (multiple transactions for payroll / suppliers payments / VAT, IKA and TEBE payments) 
     • A "job" preparation can be done using:
     • Alpha Web Banking transaction with up to 20 records per "job"
     • The "Alpha Web Banking - File preparation tool", provided free of charge by Alpha Bank, with which you can prepare files with up to 1000 records, that are then uploaded to Alpha Web Banking.
    The "Alpha Web Banking - File preparation tool" is available only in Greek language.

    Information about the "File preparation tool" and how to download it can be found here.
  • The ability to increase the daily upper limit for transactions to "non declared accounts" up to Euro 30,000.
  • The ability tο download and save locally in your computer useful data such as your account statements (in an Excel file format).

Via Alpha Web Banking for companies its users can:

Execute (only the "authorized user"): hide/show
An authorised user can...
Prepare "jobs" and submit them for approval hide/show
"Job" is every transaction which is prepared and submitted for approval either by the "authorized user" or the "assistant user" and then needs to be approved by the "authorized user" in order to be executed.
Approve / submit for execution "jobs" : (only the "authorized user"
  • Single fund transfer and payment transactions prepared by the "assistant users" and submitted for approval.
  • Multiple fund transfers and payments prepared by any user and submitted for approval.
Delete / reject "jobs" that are pending for approval:
The "authorized user" can reject all pending "jobs" while every "assistant user" can delete only the pending "jobs" that he/she has submitted for approval.
Cancel : (only the "authorized user")
  • Immediate fund transfers that have been executed (until 11:00p.m. of the same day)
  • Transfer or payment transactions for a future execution at a selected date which have not yet been executed.
  • Standing orders (for fixed-amount fund transfers) that you have submitted via Alpha Web Banking
  • Pending chequebook orders (available also to "assistant users" who have been given the usage right of "Maintenance" menu)
  • The transfer or payment "transactions" that have been approved and submitted for execution via Alpha Web Banking (only the "authorised user").
    All information can be downloaded in an Excel speadsheet
  • The "jobs" that have been prepared and have been approved or rejected or are pending for approval. (The "authorised user" has access to all the "jobs" that have been submitted for approval while every "assistant user" has access only to those he/she has submitted for approval)
    All information can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet
  • The standing orders (for fixed-amount fund transfers) that you have submitted via Alpha Web Banking (available info per standing order, up to 2 moths after its expriation date)
    This transaction is available only to the "authorized user".
Be informed about (the "authorized user" and the "assistant users" who have been given the usage right of "Inquiries" menu):
  • The balances and statements of your declared deposit and loan accounts in Euro or in foreign exchange (the statements can be downloaded in an Excel speadsheet)
  • The balances and last ten transactions of the declared cards
  • The incoming orders' information which have been credited in your account in Euro or in foreign exchange and their details from 1/5/2010 (the incoming orders can be downloaded in an Excel speadsheet)
  • Your cheques:
      • Your chequebooks (number of cheque counterfoils, non-circulated cheques, etc.)
      • The status of your cheques
      • The status of the chequebook orders that you have submitted via Alpha Web Banking
    The "daily upper transfer limit" to non-declared accounts (only the "authorised user")
  • The deposit accounts, loan accounts and cards that you have declared in your profile
  • The prices of:
      • Foreign exchange and foreign banknotes (buy-sell)
      • ATHEX selected companies shares as well as the ATHEX share price indices of the during its daily session with a time difference of approximately 25 minutes
  • The balances of your mutual funds accounts
Manage : (only the "authorized user")
  • Your Alpha Web Banking "User ID", "Password" and 5-digit "old type" Additional Password
  • The "assistant users" (up to five) and their data:
      • create a new "assistant user" (the transaction produces the personal User ID of each assistant user)
      • delete an "assistant user" that you have created
      • modify the 2nd password (which is the same for all the assistant users) and the assistant users' usage rights of some Alpha Web Banking transactions (Inquiries, Information, Maintenance)
  • Your profile details:
    your deposit accounts (add, change usage rights, remove)
    your loan accounts (add, remove)
    your cards issued by Alpha Bank (add, remove)
    your Water Supply (E.YD.AP.) bills (add, remove)
      • your mutual funds accounts (add , remove)
      • the alias of your declared deposit accounts, cards, loans, mutual funds accounts, Water Supply (E.YD.AP.) bills (in order to better recall each one whenever you use it) - (available also to "assistant users" who have been given the usage right of "Maintenance").
      • your contact details (phone numbers, e-mail)
      • your "alerts/notifications", concerning unsuccessful order executions via the alternative channels Alpha Web Banking, Alphaphone Banking and Alpha Bank m-Banking (activate the service, change the way of receiving them, deactivate them)
  • The use of the "Additional Password Services" (application, services' activation, services' deactivation, Device Synchronization )
    Your "daily upper transfer limit" to non-declared accounts
  • Your chequebooks (issuance of new chequebooks, information about the status of your chequebook orders, cancellation of your chequebook orders) - (available also to "assistant users" who have been given the usage right of "Maintenance" menu).
Transactions appearing with this symbol at Alpha Web Banking menu require the use of the Additional Password. Find out more...