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Alpha Payroll

Alpha Payroll Businesses processing their payroll by electronic means through Alpha Bank, enjoy a comprehensive range of privileges for both the firm and its staff:

Privileges for the employee

  • Alpha Payroll Account with premium interest rate, no minimum initial deposit, interest calculated and paid quarterly, interest free overdraft up to Euro 100, one free cheque book per year, free incoming remmitances (up to the amount of Euro 12.500) credited to an Alpha Payroll account.
  • Consumer Loans Alpha x 12, Alpha Revolving Loan (Epilogi), Alpha All in 1, with discounts on the interest rates and application fee.
  • Unique flexibility through a full range of Housing Loans with a choice of interest rate type and currency and with repayment period may be up to 40 years.
  • Credit cards Alpha Bank Bonus Visa, Alpha Bank Bonus MasterCard or Alpha Bank Bonus American Express with no annual fee plus add-on cards for free, special interest rate, 1% lower than the current credit card rate for purchases and balance transfer from other bank cards, 7,000 welcome points in the context of the Bonus reward scheme.
  • Discounts on home insurance premiums (Alpha Residence, Alpha Residence Plus) and other banking services.
  • Discounts on the saving premium for the entire first year of the Alpha Secure Pension Plan.

To find out more about Payroll advantages and to bring your firm for the scheme, visit your Branch!