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Alpha Bank provides Alpha Mass Payments taking all the necessary measures to ensure the maximum possible security level for its systems and procedures.

Please, note: The security of the transactions should also be your concern. Please press here for security tips and instructions.

  • Only authorised personel of your company (provided with personal access codes) should access the service for administration or management purposes.
  • Personal Access Codes

    Personal access codes are required for access to the service.

    If a wrong password is entered 5 consecutive times, your subscription is “locked” automatically, for security reasons.

    The service requires a password change every three months.

    Choose complex passwords and store them in a way that their disclosure is not possible. It is your responsibility to keep your personal access codes in a safe place. In the event of disclosure to third parties, you must notify the Bank immediately.

    Alpha Bank will never ask, by any means whatsoever (via the phone or e-mail), your personal access codes. They are personal and you must not disclose them to anyone.
  • Controlled Access

    Alpha Bank uses additional security systems which control and record the access to its systems while, at the same time, block any unauthorized action.
  • Automatic Sign Off

    In case you don’t use the service for more than 20 minutes after your have signed-on, the session is terminated automatically by the system for security reasons.