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Alpha Mass Payments

Does your company need to execute mass transactions such as payroll, supplier payments or customers’ proceeds?

Alpha Mass Payment enables you to carry out these transactions online, easily, securely and fast.

You can access the service using your personal codes from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.

Via Alpha Mass Payments you can:

  • set approval levels for your company mass transactions (up to two signatures / approval levels)
  • send new transactions by simply filling in the amounts of your registered salaried / partners, or by uploading excel / txt files
  • send transactions for both immediate and future execution
  • receive response files (xl, txt, Rtf and PDF) containing information about your transactions
  • set a user as the Administrator of the service, enabling him/her to manage the other users and their authorization levels and demands.

In detail:

  • Sign up procedure:
    Apply for Alpha Mass Payments.
  • Services provided:
    Get information about the functionality and possibilities of Alpha Mass Payments.
  • Cost:
    Cost Get information about the Alpha Mass Payments fees.
  • Security:
    Security is considered to be the most important factor as far as electronic transactions are concerned. Get information about the high security standards that are offered by Alpha Bank.